Sunday, 17 December 2017

Fiona Barnett Part 1 / Satanic Ritual Abuse


  1. I had trouble watching it. Some people within the ruling elite are capable of such cruelty.

    I watched from JFK to 9/11 and full of conspiracy theories it may have been, but one message it did hit home, was that war is big business. 60 million people died in WW2, but maybe it was all about the elite making tons of money. Britain had the 'War Effort' and British workers, mainly women, worked extra hours in the factories for free to make the munitions for the British military, but the ruling elite who owned the factories never offered a discount, they charged full whack for the weapons. Surely that's treason?

    Over the last few years I have started to realise how wicked the ruling elite are. Ordinary people aren't like that so they have trouble believing that their leaders, say, like, baby faced David Cameron, or the ' very sensible' and very intelligent Obama, could be so evil. Bush said, sometimes money trumps peace. Sometimes I don't sleep easy at night.

    When Hilary was about to get elected the alternative news was saying how she would start WW3 and Paul Craig Roberts was writing posts titled, Are You Ready To Die, and Tomorrow It Could All Be Over. I was petrified and I felt that any minute I might get engulfed in an inferno.

    Most people, my friends and my girlfriend included, are oblivious to it all and when I tell them they think I'm mad.

    My girlfriend is watching Strictly Come Dancing right now and will be seeing her family later for a meal, but here I am discovering even more horrors about the ruling elite in silence here on my mobile phone.

    There was a time about a year ago when I stopped all the emails coming in from alternative news sites and would not visit any of them. I would also not look at any mainstream news. For any about three months I felt a lot happier. I've come back to politics because the ruling elite must not be allowed to get away with it.

    Bush says, Sometimes money trumps peace.

  2. Hi Kaivey,

    I feel the same. Recently a close friend of mine died because of austerity. Ironically the next day at work I saw Geoege osbourne. He had perfect manners and it reminded me of the phrase the banility of evil. If I had hit him or held my friends death to him in public I would look like the crazy one. They make us look and feel crazy as all feelings have been breed out of them.
    Mad world. Disengage with alt media that is telling you its the end of the world. Humans and religious fanatica have been saying this forever, it helps program a fear paradigm and make people think that there is no hope. We at the bottom are the most resourceful and innovative. Change is coming the mainstream media is shitting itself. People have had enough and the truth is slowly coming out. The truth is multi spectrum and no one person can know it all doubt anyone who tells you they do. My family is same would rather watch strictly then talk about real life. Its not their fault, remember how much it blew you away the first time you started looking into conspiracies. Its scary and for some its easier to ignore then engage.