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In May 2015, at the West London Synagogue, there took place the memorial service for Lord Leon Brittan.

Leon Brittan was reportedly a visitor to the Elm Guest boy brothel, run reportedly by MI5.

Leon Brittan named as child rapist

Brittan, who has Lithuanian Jewish origins, was at one time the government minister responsible for the spy service MI5

The West London Synagogue memorial service for Lord Leon Brittan was attended by:

1. Sir Malcolm Rifkind (above), the cousin of Leon Brittan.

Malcolm Rifkind is related to Charles Rifkind, who has been a governor, and parent, at Arnold House School.


Rifkind is linked to Dov. S. Zakheim, alleged to be the mastermind of 9 11.


2. Sir Simon Jenkins (above), formerly a parent at Arnold House School.
Journalist Jenkins was married to the American actress Gayle Hunnicutt.

3. Stanley Johnson, a former spy, former Conservative MEP and father of cabinet minister Boris Johnson.

4. Lord Lamont, a former employee of the Rothschilds, a former cabinet minister, former chairman of Le Cercle.

A key figure in Le Cercle has been Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin who has been linked to the terrorist activities of Operation Gladio and the child abuse ring organised by Marc Dutroux.

LOLITA; THE CIRCLE. / Le Cercle - Wikispooks / Belgian X-Dossiers.

The West London Synagogue memorial service for Lord Leon Brittan was attended by:

5. Kenneth Clarke, who allegedly groped the child actor Ben Fellows.

6. William Hague, who reportedly slept in the same room as his male driver. Hague succeeded Leon Brittan as MP for Richmond in Yorkshire.

7. Lord Lawson, one of  THATCHER'S PEOPLE

8. Nick Clegg, a protege of Leon Brittan.

9. Lord Hurd, formerly the minister responsible for MI6.


10. Jonathan Aitken, linked to arms deals.


11. David Mellor, who went from toe job to no job.

Cynthia Roberts, Agent Hammer, Markus Wolf ....

12. Lord Patten, former Chairman of the BBC.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

A top paedophile ring, which included UK politicians and police, abused Esther Baker (above), and other children.

The Staffordshire police force has interviewed Esther Baker who says that police officers and a top politician were part of the abuse ring.

Esther says she was attacked from the age of six at homes around Staffordshire and in woodland on 'Cannock Chase' in Staffordshire.

The sexual abuse took place in the 1980s and 90s.

Esther says that a Lord and a judge may also have been among her abusers.

Esther described a well-known politician as: "One of the core members. He was there quite often - I was one of his favourites."

"I used to play the piano, and he was quite taken with that ... there were different houses.

"I would sit on his lap and he would want me to play."

The politician is not from Staffordshire but is from the present political era.

Esther says she only recently realised who the man is.

The child abuse was often filmed.

Politician Abused Me Regularly, Survivor Says

A former child abuse detective pled guilty to inciting a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity. Andrew Rowe, who befriended his victim's family during his work with Staffordshire Police's child abuse investigation unit, admitted five sexual offences. staffordshire-detective-admits-child-sex-charges 


Tran’s nurses explain how he spends hours each day crying out relentlessly, rocking himself back and forth in his cot.

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Churchill meets Guy Burgess. The above video gives the official propaganda version.

On 1 October1938, less than a year before the outbreak of the Second World War, Lord Victor Rothschild's friend, the 'Soviet spy' Guy Burgess, met Winston Churchill.

The reportedly gay Churchill was fond of  Lord Victor Rothschild's 'Soviet agent' the gay Guy Burgess (above).

Churchill invited Burgess to his home at Chartwell.

Lord Victor Rothschild was alleged to have been the person who controlled Churchill as a puppet.


Burgess became friends with Victor Rothschild at Cambridge University.

The Rothschild family paid Burgess a regular monthly sum - a sum five times what his contemporaries were earning.

In 1934, Burgess was  recruited as a Soviet agent.

In Great Britain, in 1935, the pro-Nazis formed the Anglo-German Fellowship (AGF).

The AGF was headed by two gay 'fascists' - Guy Burgess and Captain John Robert Macnamara.

British Historian John Costello relates how Burgess, Macnamara, Tom Wylie a War Office official, and J.H. Sharp the Church of England's Arch- deacon for Southern Europe, took a bunch of schoolboys on a trip to Germany to attend a Hitler Youth camp.

They discovered that 'the boys of the Hitler Youth satisfied their sexual passions'.

The trip was sponsored by the Foreign Relations Council of the Church of England

('Mask of Treachery: Spies, Lies, Buggery and Betrayal', by John Costello)

Burgess made three visits to Nazi Germany. 

This included a "fact-finding group" that included the gay right-wing Conservative Party MP, Captain John Macnamara, a fellow member of the Anglo-German Fellowship

They concluded that the Nazi government was doing a great job for Germany.

In October 1936 Burgess was appointed to a post at the Talks Department of the BBC.

In March 1938 Burgess was a courier between UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier of France.

In September 1938, Burgess urged Winston Churchill to repeat his warning against Adolf Hitler to Joseph Stalin.

On 1 October1938, Burgess, met Winston Churchill.

Churchill developed a friendship with Burgess.

In December 1938 Burgess joined the British secret service, MI6.

This was in spite of the fact that Burgess was 'a Soviet agent' and a "drunken, aggressive, dirty, drug-taking, seducer of sailors, lorry drivers and chorus boys."

Guy Burgess - Spartacus Educational

King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt, one of the lovers of Guy Burgess.

In 1938, the UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, after a meeting with Hitler, believed that he had done a deal with Germany which would avoid a war.

Churchill felt depressed.

On 1 October1938, Burgess, met Winston Churchill and tried to revive his spirits?

Churchill met traitor Guy Burgess - Daily Express

Guy Burgess was the elder son of Commander Malcolm Kingsford de Moncy Burgess and his wife, Evelyn Mary.

At Cambridge, Burgess became friends with Victor Rothschild, Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Donald Maclean and James Klugmann.

In January 1934, Arnold Deutsch, a Soviet agent, was sent to London, and he began recruiting spies, such as Kim Philby.

In May 1934 Philby arranged for Deutsch to meet Guy Burgess, and Burgess was recruited.

In 1951, Burgess fled to Moscow.


So, the top people in the elite support both sides in any conflict?

In 1995, John Costello died in mysterious circumstances.

John Costello was about to finish writing The Feast of Scorpions, a book which explained why the Rothschilds allowed the Schnorrers (unimportant Jews) to die in concentration camps while the rich and important Jews were left untouched.

The Murder of John Costello

Anthony Blunt

Costello understood that most males have homosexual tendencies and that spies like Sir Anthony Blunt, and his boss Victor Rothschild, knew how to use this knowledge.

According to Costello, Anthony Blunt allowed himself to be seduced by older boys at the expensive school where he was educated.

He was then able to blackmail and control these older boys.

According to the diplomat Robert Cecil: "Anthony (Blunt) knew that much of Britain was run by former prefects vulnerable to ... blackmail."

(Mask of Treachery, by John Costello, Collins, page 68)

Art by Pierre Joubert.

According the book The Public School Phenomenon, by Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, 90% of boys attending Britain's private schools owned up to love affairs with other boys.

Apparently, in private schools, most of the bullying of younger boys by older boys is sexual in nature.

(Mask of Treachery, by John Costello, Collins, page 63...)

Reportedly Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included included a lot of top people.

(aangirfan: Sexpionage)

Victor Rothschild who reportedly had a deep knowledge of sexual tastes.

The top spy Anthony Blunt was close to the Warburgs and the Rothschilds.

Victor Rothschild (Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild) was said to be the power behind British Prime Ministers Churchill, Thatcher and Heath among others.

Victor Rothschild was a powerful figure within MI5 and MI6.

 Guy Burgess

Victor Rothschild had a three story house at 5 Bentick Street in London.

The people who lived in this house, or who frequently visited this house, included spies such as Anthony Blunt, Guy Liddell and Guy Burgess.

Boys were often brought to the flat for the purposes of sex.

(Mask of Treachery, by John Costello, Collins, page 391)

Prince George, Duke of Kent. Reportedly, during World war II, "Maurice Oldfield was arrested with the King’s brother, the Duke of Kent, Prince George, a boyfriend to Sir Anthony Blunt." Allegedly, Sir Anthony Blunt shared boys with Maurice Oldfield, the boss of MI6. (Cached

Anthony Blunt had connections to the British royal family.

Apparently many of the royals and their servants are homosexual.

(Mask of Treachery, by John Costello, Collins, page 465...)

Edward, Prince of Wales.

Costello has written that, in the days before World War II, the homosexual royals included Edward the Prince of Wales, his brother George Duke of Kent, the Queen's brother David Bowes-Lyon, and Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Apparently, these royals, and their friend Anthony Blunt, liked certain London pubs, such as the Packenham, where young lads could be had for sex.

(Mask of Treachery, by John Costello, Collins, page 466...)

Blunt and his friends gave away secrets to the Russian spy chief Beria (above) a notorious pedophile.

There is a suspicion that the members of the cabal which ran Britain were friends of both the Nazis who ran Germany and the Zionists who ran Russia.

The British spy Guy Burgess was both a close friend of Victor Rothschild and a member of the pro-Hitler right-wing of the UK Conservative Party.

John Costello relates how Guy Burgess, Captain John Robert Macnamara, Tom Wylie a War Office official, and J.H. Sharp the Church of England's Arch- deacon for Southern Europe, took a bunch of schoolboys on a trip to Germany to attend a Hitler Youth camp.

They discovered that 'the boys of the Hitler Youth satisfied their sexual passions'.

The trip was sponsored by the Foreign Relations Council of the Church of England

('Mask of Treachery: Spies, Lies, Buggery and Betrayal', by John Costello)

King Edward VIII, said to be the half brother of Sir Anthony Blunt.

Jeff Wells quotes the following:

"There is an international cult that believes that the path to illumination and spiritual liberation is through the rape, torture and sacrifice of children. 

"The cult is highly organised and protected by a network of middle- and upper-class professionals, who are either cult members, or access the 'services' of the cult (eg child porn/prostitution, rendering them vulnerable to blackmail).

"The cult is modelled on Crowley's writings, as is evidenced by the internal pseudo-Masonic 'degree' structure, the existence of OTO-like 'chapters', and the doctrine of 'strength', 'master/slave' and ritualised rape."


Obama receives a note telling him that choc isis are off the menu.

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Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson with Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

A 'closet queen' is a gay person who pretends to be straight.

Think of Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York City.

Think of the Ulster Unionist MP Sir James Kilfedder, who died of a heart attack after learning of his 'outing'.

Thinks of some of the UK's Prime Ministers.

The respected historian Michael Bloch has written 'Closet Queens'.

Michael Bloch’s Closet Queens is published by Little, Brown

Bloch 'outs' the following as being most likely closet queens:

The former UK Prime Ministers: Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath. 

Macmillan left his school Eton rather suddenly due to his involvement with older boys.

Bloch 'outs' the following as being most likely closet queens:

The influential UK politicians: Hugh Gaitskell, Nye Bevan, Jeremy Thorpe, Tom Driberg  and Enoch Powell. 

Enoch powell felt 'an instant and instinctive affection' for Australian lads between the ages of 17 and 23.'

Nixon and a Mafia fixer. NIXON - 'GAY, MAFIA-LINKED AND FASCIST'

Bloch 'outs' the following as being most likely closet queens:

The key figures of the British Empire: Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, Lord Curzon, Lord Kitchener, Lord Lothian and Philip Sassoon. 

Former top politicians and aristocrats: the Earl of Rosebery and Earl Beauchamp.

Beauchamp liked footmen and grooms.

In Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited, Lord Marchmain is based on Earl Beauchamp, and Sebastian, is based on Beauchamp's son Hughie, with whom Waugh 'had been intimate'.

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Bernard Montgomery (above) had "romantic friendships with young boys" including the 12-year-old Swiss lad Lucien Trueb.

Winston Churchill 'participated in acts of gross immorality of the Oscar Wilde type' with fellow cadets at Sandhurst.

Churchill, who reportedly died of  syphilis, was aquainted with the boys of Marrakech and Quinta de Lobos.

Churchill was a very close friend of the boy-loving Lord Robert Boothby who had his young boys supplied by the Kray Twins.

Churchill's close male friends included the gay Eddie Marsh, his personal assistant, the gay Robert Boothby, his personal private secretary, and the probably gay Brendan Bracken, whom Churchill "effectively adopted."

Churchill reportedly said: 'I once went to bed with Ivor Novello: it was very musical.'

Churchill was fond of Somerset Maugham's gay nephew Robin Maugham.

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Churchill was fond of  Lord Victor Rothschild's 'Soviet agent' Guy Burgess (above).

Churchill invited Burgess to his home at Chartwell.

Lord Victor Rothschild was alleged to have been the person who controlled Churchill as a puppet.

Rosebery, Beauchamp and Churchill reportedly lusted after their own sons.


Eisenhower chatting up young boys in Germany.

During and after World War II, prominent closet queens included government minister Harold Nicolson, Conservative MP Viscount Hinchingbrooke, Henry 'Chips' Channon, government minister Alan Lennox-Boyd, Sir Philip Sassoon, Sir Paul Latham MP, Malcolm Bullock and John Maynard Keynes.

Field Marshal William Slim (above), the former Governor General of Australia, reportedly molested young boys.

Other prominent closet queens from this era include: MP Leo Abse, Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, the leader of the House of Commons, Richard Crossman, who had had an affair with the poet WH Auden, the chancellor of the exchequer, Derick Heathcoat-Amory and the foreign secretary, Selwyn Lloyd, who was in love with his personal assistant Jonathan Aitken.

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Admiral of the Fleet Louis Mountbatten (above) liked boys in their early teens.

Other prominent closet queens from this era include: Foreign Office minister Ian Harvey, the Home Office minister Charles Fletcher-Cooke who in 1961 was found to be living with a former borstal boy, and the science minister Denzil Freeth.

Prime Minister Edward Heath was a frequent visitor to the child abuse island of Jersey.

Heath had "flirtatious friendships with some younger gay Tory MPs such as Alan Duncan and Matthew Parris.

Heath had "flirtatious friendships" with the gay couple who decorated his house in Salisbury.

Reportedly, Heath liked dressing up as a woman.

Reportedly, Heath had an affair with his police detective.

When Heath died in 2005, Brian Coleman, a gay Tory member of the London Assembly, alleged that Heath had regularly 'cottaged' along motorways.

Cottaging, popular with a number of MPs, involves having sex with lads in public toilets.

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Any clues here?

The Labour Party government minister Hugh Dalton was in love with Rupert Brooke, and later became intimate with Hugh Gaitskell and Tony Crosland.

George Thomas, speaker of the House of Commons from 1976 to 1983, had sex with various lads (rent boys).

At the end of the 20th century, closet queens have included the Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo and Labour's Peter Mandelson .

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Mandelson was very close to Tony Blair.

Margaret Thatcher was surrounded by gay men, as was Tony Blair.

In 1998, Blair's secretary of state for Wales, Ron Davies, resigned after “a moment of madness” on Clapham Common.

David Cameron's chief secretary to the Treasury, David Laws,  resigned after it was revealed that he had claimed parliamentary expenses for London accommodation belonging to his 'long-term partner and secret lover'.

Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? / Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster ...

Sir Rhodes Boyson

And then we have Sir Leon Brittan, Sir Keith Joseph, Sir Michael Havers and Sir Rhodes Boyson,

From 1984-986, Rhodes Boyson was Minister of State for Northern Ireland.

(Northern Ireland is the site of the KINCORA BOYS HOME, reportedly used by MI5 as a child brothel)

Highbury Grove School.

Rhodes Boyson, from his late 20s, was a Methodist lay preacher. 

From 1967 to 1974, Rhodes Boyson was the headmaster of the famous Highbury Grove School, an all-boys' comprehensive in Islington, in London.

(Child abuse link to Islington, London)

Rhodes Boyson opposed lax discipline, both in modern education and in the wider society.

"This proved so popular with local parents that the school was consistently oversubscribed."[4]

Rhodes Boyson was a strong opponent of homosexuality and a supporter of Section 28

He said: "It is wrong biblically, is homosexuality. It is unnatural." [9]

Boyson was a supporter of the Conservative Monday Club, which has been linked to pedophile rings and child sexual abuse.



In 1994, Rhodes Boyson appeared on the BBC show Have I Got News for You

He also appeared on Brass Eye[10] and was an early interviewee of Ali G.[11]

A UK Conservative Party whistleblower says: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'

The whistleblower, Anthony Gilberthorpe, says he provided child prostitutes for a sex and drugs party with top politicians

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ... -

Keith Joseph, one of the Kosher Nostra.

The whistleblower Anthony Gilberthorpe refers to top government ministers Keith Joseph, Rhodes Boyson and Michael Havers among others.

Gilberthorpe says he told Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago that he saw top Conservative party cabinet ministers having sex with young boys.

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ... -

Attorney General: Lord Michael Havers whose sister was put in charge of the UK child abuse inquiry.

Gilberthorpe says that, during party conferences in Blackpool and Brighton, he was asked by the top people to find young boy prostitutes for a sex orgy at a top hotel,

He says 15-year-old boys took cocaine before they had sex with the top politicians.

He says one person who attended a party is a current government minister.

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ... -

Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, Dr Alistair Smith. Scottish conservatives are usually child abusers? (Sir Nicholas Fairbairn in child abuse scandal link )

Gilberthorpe says that at the 1983 Blackpool conference he was asked by the Conservative Party Chairman in Scotland, Dr Alistair Smith, to arrange for young rent boys to have sex with two top cabinet ministers.

Gilberthorpe says: "There was a well known and used cruising area close to the Imperial Hotel, which was a conference hotel."

Gilberthorpe says that the boys he found were given badges which "had a small Oscar sign in the corner which was a code to allow others to know you were allowed into these secret parties."

Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent ... -

Rhodes Boyson

Gilberthorpe says he witnessed two senior Conservatives members of parliament having sex with the boys.

Gilberthorpe says that in 1981 he saw Sir Michael Havers at a swimming pool party at the Conservative conference in Blackpool, where underage boys were encouraged to perform sex acts on several politicians.

Charlene Downes, who disappeared in Blackpool. BLACKPOOLWebsite for this image.

Gilberthorpe says : "In 1981 I was invited back to the Imperial Hotel by a ­Conservative councillor.

"He was a big player in the notorious right-wing group the Monday Club.

"We arrived at around midnight and I was led down some stairs to a door where two men were stood as security.

"We were allowed to enter and I was led through a tiled changing room where there were piles of clothes strewn across the floor. We then walked into an area where there was a large pool and lots of men either stood around naked or simply wrapped in towels.

"Among the MPs I recognised in there were Keith Joseph and Rhodes Boyson

"I saw the Attorney General Michael Havers down there as well.

"There were a couple of glass tables set up as a mini bar with bottles of spirits on them and there was cocaine on several tables.

"I saw several boys who were clearly aged between 15 and 16 down there and I saw that a few were performing sex acts on MPs."

Gilberthorpe and Thatcher. Thatcher was a very close friend of Sir Jimmy Savile.

Gilberthorpe says he attended a sex party at the Grand Hotel in Brighton during the Conservatives’ 1984 conference.

On the night before the bomb attack, he saw senior MPs engaging in sex acts with boys below the age of consent at a 'corridor party' held in a row of rooms on the fourth floor.

He says: "There were several men walking from one room to another and enjoying sex acts with other naked men, including boys who were clearly only about 15 or 16 years old. I saw Keith Joseph there and a politician who is now still a serving MP.

"It was held on the night before the bomb went off and afterwards one MP crudely joked that it was a good job it was, or there would have been rent boys falling through the floor."

UK Conservative leader Edward Heath, Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, Labour leader Harold Wilson.

The giant child abuse ring within the London government dates back at least to the time of Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson and Jeremy Thorpe, and possibly dates back to the time of Walpole or even Alfred the Great.

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson with Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

Michael Bloch has now revealed how the top people protected Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the UK's Liberal Party, when he was accused to trying to murder his former rent boy, Norman Scott.


The top people did not want their own links to rent boys to be revealed.


Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014 

It has been widely reported that Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe used rent boys (boy prostitutes).

In the case of Harold Wilson: "the centre of his extra-curricular activity was the local branch of the Boy Scouts."

Harold Wilson

Norman Scott

Bloch reveals:

1. After Norman Scott approached the Liberal Party's David Steel with evidence that money had been regularly paid to him by Thorpe, Frank Byers, Liberal Leader in the Lords, bullied Scott.

"Byers exploded and told Scott he was a dirty little blackmailer... As far as Byers and Steel were concerned, the matter was closed."

2. One Liberal Member of Parliament, Emlyn Hooson, asked the police if they had ever investigated a Thorpe-Scott affair. 

The Conservative Home Secretary Reginald Maudling ordered the police 'to give out a minimum of information on the subject'.

Prime Minister Edward Heath and Sir Jimmy Savile, supplier of boys to the elite.

3. Conservative Central Office was approached by backers of Scott.

Party chairman, Lord Carrington, and the Attorney-General, Sir Peter Rawlinson, "decided this was a personal matter that should not be pursued for political gain in the forthcoming 1974 general election."

The Prime Minister, Edward Heath, agreed.

Andrew Newton

4. In 1975, there was a failed attempt to murder Norman Scott.

David Holmes, an associate of Thorpe, had hired Andrew Newton as the hitman.

It was then revealed publicly Thorpe's friend and former fellow Liberal MP Peter Bessell had paid regular sums to Scott over the years.

Peter Bessell

5. The Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson denounced the newspapers for their 'nauseating' treatment of Thorpe.


6. The new Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher backed Thorpe.

7. The Speaker of the House of Commons, George Thomas, discouraged parliamentary questions designed to attack Thorpe.


George Thomas was a methodist lay preacher. "He would visit cinemas in London looking for boys to have sex with. He would pay young men to give him blow-jobs in train toilets between Cardiff and London."

8. A newspaper then reported that Thorpe's friend David Holmes had admitted paying Norman Scott £2,500 for incriminating letters from Peter Bessell to Scott

Lord Snowden

9. The hitman Andrew Newton's trial opened on the day that news came that:

A. Harold Wilson was resigning as Prime Minister.

B. Princess Margaret was divorcing Lord Snowdon.

The Newton trial did not appear on the front pages.


(Thorpe had a crush on Lord Snowden; there was some mystery about why Wilson should suddenly resign)


10. The hitman Newton was given a two year jail sentence.

Newton was promised £5,000 as soon as he came out of jail.

The cash came out of political donations made to Thorpe "by Bahamas-based businessman Jack Hayward."

Peter Bessell

11. Peter Bessell then confessed to the Daily Mail: 'I told lies to protect Thorpe'.

Thorpe then released the letters he had written to Norman Scott, 'hoping to put an innocent gloss on them'.

One of the letters contained the phrase 'Bunnies can and will go to France'.

On 10 May 1976, Thorpe resigned as leader of the Liberal Party.

12. In 1977, the hitman Newton sold his story to London'

Newton related that he was hired to kill Norman Scott. He had been paid £5,000. He said the paymaster was a 'leading Liberal'.

Lord Boothby with Cliff Richard, the singer who owns a villa on the Algarve, near to where Madeleine Mccann disappeared.

13. Eventually Thorpe was put on trial but, with the help of the judge, was found not guilty.

14. It would be wrong to assume that ALL of the people named above were lovers of boys.

But many of them, such as George Thomas and Edward Heath, reportedly were. 


Caroline Allpass

Harold Wilson was married.

And so was Jeremy Thorpe.

Thorpe's first wife was Caroline Allpass, "a woman of the world" who had "a string of affairs."

"During the engagement, there was an escapade with a New York street boy he picked up in Times Square and took back to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 

"He was also conducting a relationship with a Buckingham Palace footman."

Just after the 1970 general election, Caroline was killed after apparently falling asleep at the wheel of her car.

Thorpe continued to be seen frequenting gay bars and clubs, and picking young lads up on streets.

Tom Driberg, the rent-boy loving Labour MP, "heard gossip about Thorpe from rent boys they both patronised."

Driberg reportedly worked for MI5 and the KGB.


In 1973, Thorpe married the Austrian-born Marion, Countess of Harewood,  former wife of the Queen's cousin, the 7th Earl of Harewood.


Marion was a close friend of composer Benjamin Britten.

(Jeremy Thorpe by Michael Bloch to be published by Little, Brown on 16 December 2014.)

Judy Garland and the Kray Twins, all three of whom may have been mind-controlled. KRAY TWINS BRAINWASHED?.

The boy-loving Britten has been linked to the boy-loving Kray Twins, suppliers of boys to the elite.

Britten worked for the CIA.