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David Cameron 1986.

In 1985, at the age of 19, David Cameron was in Russia, reportedly as a trainee MI6 agent.

While in Russia he and his friend from Eton may have been the target of a gay pick-up.

David Cameron on the Kenyan coast in 1986.

Cameron has said: "I travelled on the Trans-Siberian railway... 

"And then met a great friend in Moscow. 

"We went down to the Black Sea and were on the beach in Yalta.

"These two Russians who spoke perfect English sort of turned up on the beach, which was mainly reserved for foreign tourists, and took us out to dinner, and interrogated us in a very friendly way about life in England and politics...

"When I got to university my politics tutor (Oxford Professor Vernon Bogdanor) said that was a definite attempt at recruitment."


Tim Collins and David Cameron, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Gennady Sokolov, a Russian author and intelligence historian, says: "If the KGB had a task to work with a 19-year-old unknown young man Cameron, there would have remained certain paperwork on this matter...

"There is no such file in the archives..."

Sokolov says that the two men who approached Cameron and his Eton friend on the beach were black market salesmen. 

Sokolov says: "The pair planned to buy some foreign stuff like jeans to resell them later and, after all, to make friends with two nice looking British guys - there was also a gay motive."

Sokolov says that Cameron's trip across Siberia was 'suspicious' because this was five years before the end of the Cold War.

Sokolov says "somebody accompanied him" in a two person sleeping compartment.

This was before Cameron met his school friend in Moscow.

Sokolov says: "There are grounds to suppose that young Cameron got his chance to enjoy such an exotic trip with the help of MI6."


According to: Cameron: Practically a Conservative by Francis Elliott, James Hanning:

David Cameron at Oxford.

David cameron's father is Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)

Francis Elliot and James Hanning record an embarrassing episode for Cameron in the 1990s:
Jeremy Gray, the son of a Wiltshire doctor, was Ian Cameron's personal assistant at stockbroking firm Panmure Gordon. 

In 1994 Gray was arrested for stealing £3million in US investments from the British Heart Foundation charity, one of Ian Cameron's clients. The profits had been siphoned off to Swiss bank accounts.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Gray's father, Dr Michael Gray, had written to the Home Office passing on his son's claims that he was an 'unwanted leftover of British intelligence'.

He added that Jeremy had become embroiled in a drug-running and money-laundering ring after he had looked after a briefcase of drugs as a 'favour' for a friend with Mafia links.[5]

Ian Cameron (Stockbroker)


On 26 July 2015, it was reported that police in Nepal police had arrested 11 people for involvement in child sacrifice.

10-year-old Jeevan Kohar (above) was murdered.

The father of a sick teenager believed that the killing would cure his son's sickness.

A shaman, or local witch doctor had reportedly advised the perpetrators to carry out the human sacrifice to free the teenager from the"spell of a ghost".

Young Nepalese boy slain in human sacrifice ritual.

William Colby (above), the boss of the CIA from 1973 to 1976, died in mysterious circumstances.

On 28th April 1996 William Colby went on a canoe trip at Rock Point in Maryland.

His body was found several days later.

Colby may have known too much about child sexual abuse by top people.

Many of the children linked to the Johnny Gosch/ Franklin cover-up scandal described the satanic rituals that they were forced to attend, some of which involved sacrificing infants and young children.

(aangirfan: William Colby, heroin, Israel and child sex abuse) (Classic State Terrorism) (aangirfan: OMAHA IS FAMOUS)

Talking about the Franklin cover-up, William Colby said:

"This case is SO MUCH BIGGER than you think. 

"It goes to the very HIGHEST Levels."

The UK's National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has reported that satanic abuse is widespread in the UK.

There have been a number of successful prosecutions in Britain for abuse during satanic rituals.

However, Professor Chris French, a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, has written in the Guardian that Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories.

Satanic child abuse claims are almost certainly based on false memories

French notes that conspiracy nuts find it hard to accept that JFK was the victim of a lone deranged gunman or that Princess Diana was the victim of a drunk driver.

French does NOT believe in most of the conspiracy theories.

John F Kennedy: 50th anniversary of a conspiracy theory.

It is no wonder that many people believe that the Guardian is run by MI6.


Some years ago, in a certain city in South East Asia, a girl of my acquaintance told me that evil people in her community had sacrificed a baby in order to bring them good fortune.

I have no reason to disbelieve the girl.

The ritualistic sacrifice of children is a worldwide affair and dates back to ancient times.

Among those who have sacrificed babies are the Aztecs, the Incas, the people of pre-Aryan India, the people of Meopotamia, the people of Uganda, the people of Germany...

The Canaanites, and others, went in for child sacrifice.

The evidence for human sacrifice in the period of the Iron Age is most prolific in Denmark, Germany and Holland, where many bodies have been found completely preserved in peat bogs.

The Practice of Human Sacrifice - BBC.

The Occult Bureau within the Third Reich was established by Heinrich Himmler.

It was called the Ahnenerbe.

In April 1945, American troops rescued a massive cache of Ahnenerbe files.

"For the next four years, America intelligence officials closely studied the captured documents, eventually sending many to the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal and Camp Detrick."[56]

Reportedly Allen Dulles wanted the Nazi culture to continue in the USA.

In Search of Black Assassins.

The Ahnenerbe Secret Files became the basis of the CIA's MK-ULTRA  mind control experiments and operations.

In Search of Black Assassins

CIA mind control can involve the murder of children and the production of child sex slaves.

"Kidnapped by the US military."

Paul Bonacci is a former child CIA/MK ULTRA sex slave.

In 1999, in a civil action in a U.S. District Court in Nebraska, Bonacci testified about the links between the kidnap of paperboy Johnny Gosch and Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

In Search of Black Assassins.

Bonacci revealed that he and Gosch and a number of other children were forced to participate in an elite government pedophile sex slave ring.

Bonacci testified that the mind-control of the children involved satanic rituals, torture and being forced to witness murders.[67]

In Search of Black Assassins

"George W. Bush has not explained how Guckert/Gannon - who had advertised himself as a male escort - could apparently operate in the White House as a reporter for two years using a Secret Service-approved alias and regularly be called upon by George W. Bush and press secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press conferences."[68]

The Aztec calendar month of Tepeihuitl (from September 30 to OCTOBER 19), is dedicated to the Sacrifices of Children.[70]

It is believed that many of the 'unnatural' deaths of children are related to Satanism.

NFL star Adrian Peterson's son was 'beaten to death'. / In Search of Black Assassins

Many of the child stars who have worked for Disney have died in mysterious circumstances.

Disney is alleged to have worked for the CIA’s MK ULTRA and MONARCH Programs.[129]

Bohemian Grove.[137]

During the Cremation of Care ceremony at the Bohemian Grove, a body is 'sacrificed'.

The ceremony is "set to the Sorcerer's Apprentice music from Walt Disney's Fantasia."

In Search of Black Assassins

William Randolph Hearst 

Bohemian Grove is apparently visited by the top people, from William Randolph Hearst to Richard Nixon to Tony Blair.

1909 - Bohemian Grove in California.

Above we see a child apparently being sacrificed at Bohemian Grove.[138]

Tunisia is linked to child sacrifice.

The Carthaginian Empire

If you go on holiday to Tunisia, it is worth learning a little bit about the Carthiginians, a people who areportedly went in for child sacrifice.

Tunisia was once ruled by the Carthaginians, who are thought to have come originally from the Lebanon area.

The Carthaginians are said to have come originaly from Phoenicia, also known as Canaan, where Lebanon is today.

In Sousse, Carthaginian crematoria contain the ashes of hundreds of 'murdered' children.

Archeological Museum, Sousse / Sousse Museum

Allegedly, these children were strangled in sacrifice to the gods in times of national or personal misfortune.

Carthage was criticized by its neighbors for child sacrifice.

Plutarch (c. 46–120) mentions the practice. The Hebrews mention the practise.

The killing of children was common in ancient Greece and Rome but 'for economic rather than religious reasons.'

(Life in Carthage by Gilbert and Colette Charels-Picard pp149-50)

This building in Monastir was one of the filming locations for Monty Python's Life Of Brian.

Modern archeological excavations have been interpreted by some as confirming Plutarch's reports of Carthaginian child sacrifice.

(Kelly A. MacFarlane, University of Alberta, Hittites and Phoenician)

In a single child cemetery called the Tophet, an estimated 20,000 urns were deposited between 400 BC and 200 BC, with the practice continuing until the early years of the Christian period.

The urns contained the charred bones of babies and 2-year-olds.

But most the child urns found in Carthage contain bones of fetuses, therefore of still born babies.

These remains have been interpreted by some to mean that after the birth of stillborn babies, the parents would sacrifice their youngest child.

In bad times (war, poor harvests) cremations became more frequent.

Bad times might have inspired the Carthaginians to obtain divine intervention via child sacrifice.

Roman amphitheatre at El Djem, by Kaptain Kobold

Professor Piero Bartoloni, Head of the Department of Phoenician-Punic Archaeology at Universita' di Sassari, Italy, relates: "In ancient times, for every ten children that were born, seven died within the first year and out of the remained three, only one became an adult."

According to those who criticised the Phoenicians, children were sacrificed to the god Baal Hammon and the godess Tanit.

According to the critics:

Carthaginians began to buy children for the purpose of sacrifice or even to raise servant children instead of offering up their own.

However, in times of crisis or calamity, like war, drought or famine, their priests demanded the flower of their youth.

Special ceremonies during extreme crisis saw up to 200 children of the most affluent and powerful families slain and tossed into the burning pyre.

In 146 B.C., Rome wiped the Carthaginian capital off the map.


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Robert Fleeting was a 24 year old serving with the Royal Airforce Force, at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire in England.

Apparently he was murdered.

Apparently, there was a cover-up by the military and by the police.

"Robert came from a loving family based in East Kilbride in Scotland...

"He was engaged to be married and had just given his fiancé a substantial amount of money to buy her wedding dress.

"On the evening of Saturday 3rd September 2011, Robert and some of his Fire-fighting comrades went to nearby Henley for a night out where they were joined by some medics from the same base.

"The following morning (Sunday 4th September 2011), Robert was found hanging in his room."

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

According to the official version of events, Robert Fleeting committed suicide.

This was the verdict of the coroner.

However, an autopsy revealed that Robert had suffered trauma to his anal passage.

This fact was not revealed until after Robert had been cremated.

Robert had other injuries as well.

Three types of DNA were found on the noose used in the hanging.

The content of alleged suicide notes were "not consistent with Robert's handrwriting or wording."

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

Justice For Robert - Home

The Deepcut rapes.

Most Military Leaders are Sadistic Gays?

An army of sadistic homosexual child rapists?.



Above we see David Cameron with the Indonesian actress and singer Maudy Ayunda who was showing him around a street market in Jakarta.

Above we see someone who is supposed to be 'Maudy'. 

It is very hot in Indonesia. 

But this, we presume, is photoshopped.

Above we see Maudy, a former child star. 

 Maudy, above, has more than a million Twitter followers.

Maudy, above, speaks English and studied at the British International School in Jakarta.


Maudy is currently studying at Oxford University.

David cameron has arranged for some 50 Indonesian police officers to travel to the UK for training in counter-terrorism investigations.

Indonesians invited to the UK may be introduced to MI6.



Lord Laidlaw is a top Scottish Conservative.

According to The News Of The World, 27 April 2008, Lord Laidlaw "regularly flies hookers out to Monte Carlo for cocaine-fuelled bondage romps".

Reportedly there have been "all-night orgies of spanking, bondage and lesbian lust".

Reportedly a male gigolo joined Laidlaw "in Monte Carlo's luxurious Hermitage Hotel for an anything-goes night of shame".

Reportedly, Laidlaw "liked to watch the male model, called Ben."

According to the News Of The World, one of the Madams that Laidlaw does business with is called Sara. 

She helps run London escort agency Role Models.

"Sara has a string of international models plus well-known British actresses and TV presenters on her books, secretly working as part-time escorts," writes The News Of The World."

Sara said Laidlaw "liked her to send a selection of men over to see him".

Laidlaw was one of the donors to the Conservative Party who were questioned by police investigating 'cash for peerages" claims.

Reportedly, Laidlaw and wife Christine have a £4 million vineyard near St Tropez, a £3million apartment in Monte Carlo, a £10 million estate near Cape Town, South Africa, a £2million home in London's Eaton Square, a Scottish mansion called The Royal Palace, and a £14million stately home in Hampshire.

Lord Sewal (above) is linked to the Dunblane school shootings.

establishmentwatch.wordpress - dunblane

The UK's House of Lords is associated with men who wear bras, heroin smugglers and child abusers.

Some lords like porn.

Parliament computers made 250000 attempts to 'access pornography' at Palace of Westminster.

Famous Lords who have been linked to 'scandals' include Lord McAlpine, Lord Janner, Lord Brittan, Lord Boothby, Lord Robertson, Lord Tonypandy aka George Thomas, Lord Browne, Lord Kenyon, Lord Mountbatten, Lord Mandelson, Lord Michael Havers, Lord Bramall, Lord Astor, Lord Alfred Douglas and Lord Rosebery.


And, "we can't forget Lord Lambton, Lord Jellicoe and Lord Arthur Somerset."


Lord Alexander Victor Montagu (above), the late Earl of Sandwich, regularly had sex with his son Robert Montagu and with around 20 other young kids.

The sexual abuse of Robert Montagu began at the age of seven.

Robert Montagu has written about his experience in a memoir entitled A Humour Of Love, to be published by Quartet on 2 September 2014.



Lord Kagan (above) claimed to have had 40 mistresses by the age of 60.

 The seven deadliest sinners in the House of Lords.

He was on friendly terms with the station chief of the Russian KGB. 

After being questioned by the police about tax and currency offences he eventually 'fled' to Israel.

Lord Aberdeen wrote an account of his experiences in the brothels of Beirut, London and Paris.

"The Good Whore Guide"

At Mme Jannette's in Beirut, Lord Aberdeen met Olga, "the sort of attractive girl you could meet at a point-to-point in Gloucestershire".

At Mrs Fetherstonehaugh's in Knightsbridge, one Coldstream Guards officer allegedly discovered that "the girl assigned to him was his own sister".

 The seven deadliest sinners in the House of Lords.

Lord Bristol (John Hervey, 7th Marquess of Bristol - above) descended into drug addiction.

"He offered an American male stripper $6,000 for a sexual liaison, but in the event he had been too debilitated by drugs to go through with it."

 The seven deadliest sinners in the House of Lords.

The 3rd Earl of Bristol had sex with a dozen Portuguese nuns.

Lord Tony Moynihan (above) was a brothel-keeper and drug-smuggler.

By 1970 he faced 57 charges.

"I knew of my impending arrest 48 hours in advance," he said.

"I’d been approached by a CID man who told me that for £50,000 the case against me would be dropped. Because I believe in God and England I told him to get stuffed."

In 1968 he married a Filipino and ran a chain of brothels in Manila.

In 1980, an Australian Royal Commission linked him to the import of heroin from Manila.

He was befriended by the UK police and by the American Drugs Enforcement Agency who used him to put a drugs dealer called Howard Marks out of business.

Moynihan then continued to make money from his brothels.

Birr Castle.

The Earls of Rosse have links to the Hellfire Club.

According to Brian Clarke:

Birr Castle is the home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, who is Lord Snowden's stepbrother.

(Lord Snowden is Princess Margaret's estranged husband)

The castle was built in the 1600's and the 1st Earl of Rosse, Richard Parsons was one of the founder members of Irelands aristocratic Satanic cult, The Hellfire Club...

The Rocket Man Jack Parsons, related to the Birr family, was an associate of Aleister Crowley...

Jack Parsons and the Fall Of Babalon


Lord Milo Douglas (1975-2009), second in line to the title of Marquess of Queensberry, died suddenly at the age of 34.

Milo's sister Carrie Carey married two of Osama Bin Laden's brothers - Salem Bin Laden, and after Salem died in an air crash in 1988, Khaled bin Laden.


Colin Christopher Paget Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner (1926- 1910) left his fortune to Kent Adonai, his beloved West Indian manservant.

(Glenconner fortune left to servant)

Lord Glenconner owned Mustique.

"Rumours leaked out of decadent revels on the three-and-a-half-mile-square jewel of the archipelago of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

"Boys wearing little except coconut oil were said to have entertained guests at one party."

(Mysterious Mustique.)


People with villas on Mustique have included Bill Gates, Prince William, Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger.

Visitors to Mustique have included Michael Douglas, David Bowie, Prince Andrew, Viscount Linley, the Earl of Lichfield, Jemima Khan, various Guinnesses, John Cleese and Sir David Frost." 

Henry Tennant, left, who died from AIDS

On Mustique, "one underworld character - the late John Bindon - was said to have entertained the delighted Princess Margaret with his particular party trick, which consisted of balancing an empty upside-down beer mug on a certain part of his anatomy." 

(Lord Glenconner dies ...)
Lord Glenconner eventually sold his home on Mustique, the Great House, to Christina Onassis’s third husband, former KGB agent Sergei Kauzov.

Charles Tennant, who died from hepatitis

Glenconner had an unusual necklace.

"Human bone set by Bond Street jeweller Bulgari."

(Lord Glenconner.)

In 1996, Lord Glenconner's eldest son Charlie, died from hepatitis, after a long heroin addiction.

In 1990, Lord Glenconner's second son Henry, who married but later revealed he was gay, died of an Aids-related illness.

In 1987, Lord Glenconner's youngest son Christopher was in a coma for 100 days following a motor-­bike accident in Belize. 

(Lord Glenconner: -

The Glenconner family firm, C Tennant & Sons, was once the largest chemical company in the world and the forerunner of ICI.

Lord Vivian and Mavis Wheeler

Lord Anthony Vivian, in 1954, was shot and wounded by Mavis Wheeler, the former wife of Sir Mortimer Wheeler and the former mistress of Augustus John.

Not long before being shot he had been arrested for being 'drunk and indecent' at South Eaton Place.

The seven deadliest sinners in the House of Lords.

Rudolf Hess

The 8th Duke of Buccleuch and Prince George, Duke of Kent, were allegedly involved in a plot with Rudolf Hess and MI6.

In 1941 there was a large 'peace party' in Britain which included the Duke of Buccleuch, members of the security services and members of the Royal Family.

Some members of the 'peace party' admired the Nazis.

Hess flew to Scotland in 1941 reportedly with Hitler's blessing.

Hess was to meet with a faction of British royalty and the aristocracy who wanted to arrange peace between Britain and Nazi Germany.

Hess is reported to have landed at the Duke of Hamilton's home at Dungavel House.

14th Duke of Hamilton

According to one account, 'two Czech Hurricane pilots who intercepted a lone Messerschmitt heading towards the'Firth of Clyde on the evening of May 10 were told not to attack it...

'A member of the Womens Auxiliary air Force, stationed that night at Dungavel House, remembers the landing lights on the Duke's private airstrip being on, shortly before Hess's plane crashed, despite blackout regulations.'

The Duke of Kent was said to have been at Dungavel, waiting for Hess. The Duke of Kent was involved in a motoring accident with a coal lorry the next morning not far from Dungavel House. His passenger was the Duke of Buccleuch, 'well known for his anti-war, pro-German sentiments prior to 1939'.

Churchill and his faction got to Hess first when his plane landed and locked him up, even though Hess had been guaranteed safe passage by King George VI.

It is possible that the Duke of Kent rescued Hess and tried to fly to Sweden to continue secret peace negotiations.

The Duke's plane crashed approximately two miles from where Hess was kept on the shores of Loch More. 

Hess may have died in the plane crash. The plane crash may not have been accidental.

The Duke of Buccleuch was put under virtual "house arrest" for the remainder of the war.

Clive Prince writes: 'Churchill was in a very, very insecure position politically in May 1941. In fact, three days before Hess arrived, there had been a vote of no-confidence in Churchill.

He didn’t have the support of the aristocracy or the support of MI6 and the King. But the Hess affair basically gave Churchill the opportunity to blackmail his opponents who were involved with the Hess flight into supporting him...

"We’re certain that MI6 was totally involved in the Hess affair - they weren’t luring him over: they were inviting him over. This was because MI6 were supportive of the idea of ending the War with Germany."

eyespymagHess / cpmac

Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas

Viscount Drumlanrig reportedly had a gay affair with the Prime Minister, the Earl of Rosebery.

The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, by Neil McKenna, suggests that Rosebery had a relationship for over two years with Viscount Drumlanrig, the older brother of Oscar Wilde's lover, Lord Alfred Douglas.

McKenna says "Oscar was sacrificed to save Rosebery and the Liberals."

Treaty of Union

James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry was very influential in bringing about the Treaty of Union in 1707.

The same evening the 2nd Duke was signing the Act of Union, his son,the Earl of Drumlanrig, is said to have roasted a servant boy on a spit in an oven in the kitchens of his house in Edinburgh.